Cookies are small text files used by websites to improve user experience. They actually enable saving your settings for a particular website, such as title, choice of language etc. Cookies allow the site to display information tailored to your needs. Information may only be stored if you provide your consent – websites cannot gain access to information unless you have approved such access, nor can they access any other files on your computer or your mobile device.

This site uses different types of cookies. The following cookies are used to ensure full website functionality:

Necessary cookies

These enable the use of essential components required for correct operation of a website. Without these cookies, the services you wish to use on this website could not function properly (e.g., login, shopping process …).

Analytics/statistics cookies

These are required to track visits to and conduct on our site, which allows us to improve user experience. The collected data does not enable identifying users, and the collected data is only used for statistical purposes. This website uses Google Analytics.

Marketing cookies

These cookies collect data on your visits to the website. Such cookies are most commonly used by advertising companies and social networks (third parties) in order to display targeted ads, restrict repeating of the same ads, or to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Such cookies can enable tracking your actions online. Their purpose is to display ads appropriate for and of interest to individual user.

You can check the exact description of each cookie and the timing of its saving in the following table:

Cookie Name Service   Type  Validty Description Required cookies 1 year Used to store user decisions about cookies. The validity of the cookie is determined by the user. Required cookies
_ga Google Analytics Cookies for monitoring statistics 2 years Performs a unique identity (ID) registration that is used to generate statistics about the visitor’s use of the website.
_gat Google Analytics Cookies for monitoring statistics Session  Google Analytics uses a cookie to control the number of requests.
_gid Google Analytics Cookies for monitoring statistics Session Session Performs a unique identity (ID) registration that is used to generate statistics about the visitor’s use of the website.

The Cookie Policy is effective from February 1, 2022 and may be changed or amended at any time. You can read how protects your personal information in our Privacy Policy.

Disabling/rejecting cookies

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies by default. You can also disable or reject cookies in browser settings. For information on cookie settings in particular browsers, please follow the links below:

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